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  • Digital Presses

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    5000 cyan ink flow and bid

    Having a couple of probs with cyan ink. One is poor ink flow on heavy coverage, have tried upping the ink flow valve which doesn't seem to fix the problem ...

  • Wide Format

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    Re: Hello from China


  • Business Development

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    Re: Re: Starting Up In India

    Do they have indigo in

  • Pre-Press

    143 topics › 572 posts
    Re: Change format of date

    My understanding – you want to change the date format of strings that are in the format of yyyy/dd/mm to mm/dd/yyyyHere is a rule that does this to string...

  • Print Finishing

    46 topics › 162 posts
    Tinning/calendar slides

    Anyone know of any UK company that does tinning? seems a massive business in the USA and China but can't find any that d it in the UK? we have 1000 units n...

  • Web to Print

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    Printbox: Photo Products Online Software

    Hello, If you ever wanted to profit from photo products, or already do it, Printbox is the simplest way to succeed.We can launch you a complete eCommerce platfo...

  • Environment

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    Re: The environment

    cold weather...

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